Upland Attorney Skilled in Full Range of Estate Planning Services

California lawyer helps clients prepare for late-life transitions

Many people tend to put off estate planning as an unnecessary and even burdensome task, thinking there will always be time to make a will later on. The fact is, though, that much of estate planning has to do with what happens to your assets while you’re alive — whether used for your own benefit later in life or managed in a trust for your loved ones. Making smart decisions ahead of time can ensure that your well-being and that of your family are taken care of. At the Law Office of Mark S. Lansing in Upland, California, I provide services for clients throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County.

Formulating estate plans with knowledge, sensitivity and professionalism

I am well-versed in this complex area of the law and thorough in advising on and preparing documents best suited to your planning objectives. Clients who have retained my firm have found me to be:

  • Singularly focused — Estate planning is my only main practice area, which allows me to bring an in-depth and well-rounded background to my clients.
  • A compassionate counselor — I am sensitive to the emotional side of making decisions about such matters as late-in-life medical care and eventual disposition of one’s assets.
  • An innovative thinker – I am dedicated to fulfilling my clients’ objectives by bringing my strong innovative problem-solving skills to legal matters.

I also offer a free initial consultation to help clients understand which estate planning strategy is right for them.

Helping clients with the full range of estate planning concerns

Estate planning can include instructions not only for distributing your property after you’ve passed but also for handling decisions in the event you can no longer make them for yourself. I prepare these essential trusts and estates documents:

  • Wills — A last will and testament is the primary means by which you distribute property upon your death. It can also be used to establish guardianships and other means of providing for children or other loved ones in need of special care.
  • Trusts — You may wish to put property into a trust for the benefit of designated individuals or organizations. A living trust can be set up under your management during your lifetime and then pass to a successor trustee upon your death, thereby avoiding probate or estate administration.
  • Living wills and other advanced directives — A living will allows you to specify your preferences for medical treatment and lifesaving measures if you become incapacitated and unable to make those decisions for yourself. A power of attorney can be used to appoint a health care proxy or a person to manage your finances in such extreme circumstances.

I thoroughly analyze your financial and family situation and strategize the best means of accomplishing your planning goals. I also serve as counsel during trust administration to help trustees with their duties.

Contact an experienced California estate planning attorney for a free consultation

At the Law Office of Mark S. Lansing in Upland, I represent clients throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County with their estate planning needs. I look forward to discussing your plans and addressing your concerns. Please call me at 234-978-2788 or contact me online for a free, no-obligation consultation.