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Trusts are useful devices for managing your finances and planning your estate. Putting property into a trust offers such benefits as shielding them from tax liability and promoting return on investment, so that your heirs can keep more of what you pass down to them. Trusts can be essential part of a comprehensive estate plan. At the Law Office of Mark S. Lansing in Upland, I have helped clients throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County with drafting and executing all documents necessary to managing their assets during their lifetimes and passing to intended beneficiaries at death. I also represent heirs and beneficiaries during probate and administration proceedings. I am committed to professionally and compassionately attending to your needs and objectives.

Using trusts to attend to financial and health-care planning

Trusts can be important tools for estate planning. A major advantage is that they are flexible instruments, which can be tailored to achieve your particular needs and goals. I can analyze your situation and help you decide which of these trusts may work best for you:

  • Living trusts – Simply put, this is a trust created during your lifetime, with directions on who and how should manage the property placed within it. You can serve as the trustee during your lifetime and name another person to serve as successor trustee upon your death.
  • Testamentary trusts — These are trusts set up as part of a will. They are useful to fund charities or to prevent “spendthrift” beneficiaries from burning through their inheritances
  • Special needs trusts — If someone in your family has a disability or other situation requiring extraordinary care, this type of trust can be used to ensure they will be properly attended to.
  • Irrevocable trusts — By placing property in the hands of a trustee outside your control, you may be able to shield it from creditors and taxes both during your lifetime and upon your death.

There are also types of trusts that are created specifically as tax shelters or as ways to hand down large amounts of property with a minimum tax bite. Notably, distributing assets through a trust can keep the details of your estate confidential, unlike the public probate process.

Whatever your goals and objectives, I can help you explore the use of trusts as part of your estate planning arsenal. I also serve as counsel to trustees in their administration duties, as well as counsel to executors engaged in probate and management and distribution of estate assets.

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At the Law Office of Mark S. Lansing in Upland, I help clients throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County with all of their estate planning and administration matters. Please call me at 909-257-7592 or contact me online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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